Writings and Presentations

Creating Digitization Workflows That Work at University of Maryland Libraries

I gave my first presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference when it was held in Baltimore in October 2014. Assembling it helped me formulate how and why we do what we do in the Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting department.

Reviving Maryland’s Madrigal Singers

I wrote this short article about working with a vendor and various Libraries departments to make the complete audio recordings of the UMD Madrigal Singers publicly available in UMD Digital Collections. It was published in the SAA Recorded Sound Roundtable summer 2015 newsletter.

Establishing the In-House Internet Archive Digitization Workflow

I wrote down who does what (selecting, describing, digitizing, preserving) and got a poster out of it. I presented this at the UMD Libraries Research and Innovative Practice Forum in June 2015 and at SAA’s Research Forum in Cleveland in July 2015.

Saving College Radio: WMUC Past, Present, and Future

My colleague Laura Schnitker and I presented this poster at the Cultural Heritage Archives: Networks, Innovation & Collaboration symposium at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in September 2013. This followed presentations on the same topic that we delivered at the UMD Libraries Research Discussion Group meeting in July 2013 and the DC-area Association for Recorded Sound Collections group meeting at George Washington University in June 2013.

Playback in Reel Time

I wrote this brief piece about working with 1/4″ open reel tape from the WMUC Collection for the SAA Recorded Sound Roundtable spring 2013 newsletter.

Configuring FRED

I wrote this blog post in April 2013, as a member of the Born Digital Working Group, a team made up of folks from the University of Maryland Libraries and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH).

Challenges of design for human-machine communication

In this student paper, the last assignment for 382C: Understanding and Serving Users in fall 2010, I describe the complexities inherent in human communication, and I explore how they prevent the design of machines that offer consistently coherent experiences.

Portable Sound: The Rise, Fall, and Impact of Compact Audio Cassettes

The emergence of the compact cassette format altered both the way people listen to music and future audio technologies. In this student paper, composed for 392L: Audio Preservation and Reformatting during spring 2011, I examine the development of the format, and how its standardization, recording capability, and size allowed people all over the world to enjoy the sonic possibilities of customization and portability.

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