Other Projects

Chicago’s Abandoned Bicycles

This was a year-long photo project I undertook when I lived in Chicago. Luckily, I’ve never had a bicycle suffer this fate.

Disconnected Payphones

This project began shortly after I moved to the Hyattsville, Maryland, area, in 2012 when I noticed disconnected payphones all along University Boulevard. Some appeared intact, others were gutted or destroyed, all were in disuse. These once frequently used machines have been left to rust in public, to collect flyers, graffiti, grime, and trash, but not quarters or talk time. I wanted to show them while they’re still around.

I originally set myself a geographical limitation, to keep this project manageable, but then discovered payphones in other towns and cities I couldn’t resist capturing. The set now includes photos I took in Philadelphia, D.C., New Orleans, Rochester, Boston, suburban Massachusetts, and Austin (where I planted the seed four years ago). It’s an ongoing, open-ended collection I’m building.

Unused Hoops

In 2015 I became interested in photographing basketball hoops that appear neglected – those that kids fled the nest from and parents left to decay in driveways and/or no one plays with anymore. My criteria are less strict than my previous two photo projects – Chicago’s Abandoned Bicycles and Disconnected Payphones – but any hoop I find that’s grimy and has a missing or unlinked net is a candidate for inclusion in the collection.

iSchool You

I served as co-host of iSchool You, the first podcast at the UT School of Information, in 2011. The volunteer staff, entirely comprised of iSchoolers, produced 10 original episodes. The podcast provides outreach and publicity for the iSchool, and also functions as a collaborative and educational forum for issues in information studies. I studied the work of the research team, composed questions on my own or with my co-host, greeted interviewees at the iSchool or traveled to meet them, and engaged in intriguing conversations about information studies that were recorded for online distribution.

  • The Human Rights Documentation Initiative and A Day in the Life: Jim Malmros are exceptional episodes

Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry

In fall 2010, for my Understanding and Serving Users class, I used GlifosMedia to synchronize, reverse-index, and map an oral history interview from the Texas Oil Industry Records held by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. I thoroughly completed every element of my portion of the larger project before they were due.

George Sanger Floppy Disk Project

In spring 2012, throughout our Digital Archiving and Preservation class, three colleagues and I worked with a collection of 3.5″ floppy disks from the UT Videogame Archive at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. This report describes our approach to imaging the diskettes, the obstacles we encountered using legacy software in a virtual emulator, and our delivery of files to UT DSpace and the University of Texas Digital Repository.

Transcribe LBJ

In spring 2012, for my Survey of Digitization class, I used GlifosMedia to transcribe a telephone call between Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson, then to synchronize the text and the audio. The Transcribe LBJ project, a collaboration between the LBJ Library and Museum and the UT iSchool, is an ongoing endeavor that welcomes volunteer assistance.

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