My video digitization project is privately published now, while I work on the links and metadata. There are, however, a couple of other projects I’ll soon add to, um, Other Projects, one of which is a transcription of a telephone call between Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson in 1968. Part of the Transcribe LBJ project, it was an optional task for my Survey of Digitization course, and I took it up eagerly, conducting research to capture proper names, site names, and security clearance codes (Eisenhower and Johnson were discussing media claims that the U.S. planned to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam). Glifos is a rich-media manager, so the transcript and the audio recording are in synch, and the text is searchable at single-word level. When the website is live I’ll add the link. This is a new element in the partnership between the UT School of Information and the LBJ Library and Museum, and I imagine future iSchoolers will do plenty of fine work for the Presidential Library. I might even make time to transcribe a few more calls myself.

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