December twenty-thirteen note

For two months now, I’ve been the Digital Librarian at UMD Libraries. It’s a permanent status-track faculty position, one which might allow for me to make my stamp here. I’ve hired numerous student digitization assistants this fall, and our Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting Digitization Center is operating at full tilt. We’re currently working with a great array of materials: 1/4″ open reel tapes, early 20th century postcards, 19th century photographs and correspondence, 18th century musical scores, and Maryland Agricultural College publications from the 1910s. I’m happiest to have two assistants working a combined 40 hours per week to digitize the WMUC Collection sound recordings, which are marvelous and unique records that document the University of Maryland’s aural history since the mid 20th century.

I’ve been grateful to attend seven professional conferences this year, as well as to study advanced audio reformatting techniques and workflows for a week in September at George Blood Audio Video. (Besides learning, networking, carousing with UT iSchool colleagues, and making meaningful new professional connections, it’s been a treat to enjoy the vegetarian fare that New Orleans, Alexandria, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Los Angeles have to offer.) The libraries/archives discourse is robust, healthy, and constructively critical, I think.

My site is updated with my refreshed resume, new and old papers and blog posts, and the Powerpoint version of the poster that Dr. Laura Schnitker and I recently presented at the Cultural Heritage Archives symposium at the Library of Congress. I’ll do my best to dip in more often and keep my site current as I become even more engaged in the libraries/archives realm.

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