The Transcribe LBJ links are published in the Other Projects section now, as well as a link to the report that three classmates and I compiled for our Digital Archiving and Preservation project. There’s also a new section – Links – which features a few professional resources, one personal art project, and UT friends’ blogs and sites. Lots of links!

I recently began work as the Digital Reformatting Specialist at the University of Maryland in College Park. Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting, a newly created department (distinct from Digital Stewardship), is establishing a large Digitization Center (DC) in Hornbake Library. We have high-resolution flatbed scanners, an overhead scanner, an excellent digital camera, and all kinds of legacy audiovisual equipment. At the moment, we’re handling photographs, negatives, printed materials, objects, and texts. Once my colleague Henry receives his A/D convertor and finishes calibrating the A/V playback machines, we’ll begin working with sound, film, and video recordings. I’m overseeing daily operations in the DC, supervising five student technicians, performing metadata quality control on digital objects and files, and, alongside my boss, Robin C. Pike (@AVarchivist), meeting with librarians across campus to discuss in-house and outsourced large-scale digitization projects. It’s been an exciting first few weeks and I’m grateful to be here. Soon I hope to have UMD projects to point to. Until then, the digital conversion works goes on.

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