Germany: The Video


(Actually, there are some things on it from earlier than 1993 and some things from the beginning of 1994. Much of it is Marcel’s hockey playing.)

Following are the basic subjects on the tape (sort of – may be a few extra things):

* Old house in Berlin
* Nina horseback riding at the British Forces Berlin Saddle Club (indoors and outdoors)
* New house in Heidelberg
* French Riviera, July 93 (Cannes, Monaco in the rain, and Nice)
* Marcel’s earliest goalie training by Manfred Wolf, a Canadian who has been playing years for German pro hockey teams (his son is on Marcel’s team in Viernheim)
* Season opening — presentation of Viernheim hockey team
* Heidelberg downtown and castle
* Hockey practice in Viernheim (Marcel in his red jersey)
* New Year’s fireworks from our window
* Hockey against Strassbourg, France (played at the Canadian base in Lahr). Marcel in goal
* Game against Aalen played in Viernheim
* Nina horseback riding at Hassloch, near Heidelberg
* Game against the Canadian team in Lahr
* Game in Viernheim against Darmstadt
* Another game against the Canadians in Lahr
* Our first, and probably last, snow of the year
* Nina getting Honor Roll award (video of another video tape)
* Tournament in Baden Sollingen
* Tournament in Achern

duration: 44:10

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